“Quality is First” is our quality policy.
We provide one-stop services to meet our customers' needs.

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    Quality Attitude & Performance

    We are proud of our many achievements in fields where high quality is required, such as space, automotive, and life safety parts.
    Our temperature sensors, which make full use of thick-film printing technology, are used in Hayabusa, weather satellites, H2 rockets, etc. as JAXA-approved parts. And we have also acquired the international quality management systems standard for the automotive industry [IATF16949].
    Our quality is backed by the expertise and experience we have cultivated in Japan, and we have obtained many certifications.
    This shows that our products meet strict domestic and international standards.
    In addition, the high reputation of our customers and our long history of doing business with them confirm our commitment to quality and reliability.
    Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers by providing high quality products, offering satisfaction, and building partnerships to further establish trust.

    Quality Performance
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    Wide Range of Products & Technologies

    We have production technologies for a wide range of products including elements, modules, equipment, systems, services, technology, precision parts, and factory automation equipment, and we focus on researching new materials and manufacturing processes to provide innovative products tailored to our customers' needs.
    We develop high-performance electronic components using new materials and products as well as systems and production equipment.
    When a customer wants to implement a specific system, we use our extensive technology and experience to design and build the most suitable system.
    In terms of production equipment, we can also help our customers improve production efficiency and quality.

    Wide range of fields
    Electronic Components
    sensitive elements)
    Electronic Components
    Machinery & Equipment
    Electronic Components
    (temperature-sensitive elements)
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    We have the flexibility to respond to individual requests and customize our products to work with your products.
    Our in-house development, manufacturing, automation facilities, and management systems enable us to customize our products quickly and efficiently to meet our customers' needs.
    We work closely with our customers to develop products tailored to their needs, to bring out the elements that are important to their business and their competitive edge.
    We are committed not only to providing reliable products and solid quality, but also to building long-term partnerships.
    We invite you to take advantage of our flexible customization support.